“special measures to protect the labor and health of women; the deployment of scientific research aimed at preventing and reducing morbidity, to ensure a long-term active life of citizens.”

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***Health - the state of any living organism in which it as a whole and all its organs are capable of fully performing their functions; absence of ailment, illness (a detailed discussion of the definitions of health is given below).***

The sciences that study health include: dietetics, pharmacology, biology, epidemiology, psychology (health psychology, developmental psychology, experimental and clinical psychology, social psychology), psychophysiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, medical sociology and medical anthropology, psychohygiene, defectology and others.

Protection of human health (health care) is one of the functions of the state. Globally, the World Health Organization is committed to protecting the health of mankind. For 2011 in the field of health psychology, it is mainly the behavior related to health that is studied - types, factors, ways of change.

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According to the WHO charter, “health is not the absence of disease as such or physical disabilities, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. However, this definition cannot be used to assess health at the population and individual level. According to WHO, in health statistics, health at the individual level means the absence of identified disorders and diseases, and at the population level, the process of reducing the level of mortality, morbidity and disability.

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PI Kalju in his work "The essential characteristics of the concept of" health "and some issues of restructuring health care: overview information". Definitions of health formulated in different countries of the world, at different times and by representatives of different scientific disciplines. Among the definitions are the following:

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Health is the normal function of the body at all levels of its organization, the normal course of biological processes that contribute to individual survival and reproduction Dynamic balance of the body and its functions with the environment Participation in social activities and socially useful labor, the ability to fully perform basic social functions Absence of disease, painful states and changes The ability of the body to adapt to constantly changing environmental conditions.

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